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Service introduction

    With hundreds of full-time translators possessing excellent language skills and knowledge of other specialties, we can offer a package of quality services including translation & interpretation, proofreading, editing, design, printing, and website localization, to satisfy all kinds of requirements of customers at home and abroad. Based on our unique resources, we provide service for customers from Asian, American and European countries. Our tailor-made services for diverse clients have won the company a lot of fame.
    Based on many years of experiences and a rich translation/interpretation human resource pool, our company can offer a package of professional services in such fields as electronics, telecommunications, IT, PR, petroleum and chemical industries, non-ferrous metals, aircraft, aeronautics, mining, mechanism, architecture, medicine, finance, law, computer science, paper making, costume, textile, science and technology, food, automobile, water conservancy and hydroelectricity, metallurgy, biology, environment protection, energy sources, etc.
    Enjoying favorable conditions in terms of opportunity, geographical position and popular support, our company boasts abundant strength in the following areas:
     Our translation services cover a wide range of languages. Our staff includes those holding Masters’ degrees in English, French and computer science, a PhD in physics, and Bachelor’s degrees in economics, literature, and journalism.
     All drafts are corrected and polished by full-time foreign experts to make the expressions more authentic.
    With our knowledge and skill in media, our team of professional translators, outstanding processing ability, substantial technical support, and all-around and rapid service, we can ensure quality translation service for our customers.
    With a strong information collection and processing system, as well as a website and data room of our own, we have been maintaining long-term partnership with several major foreign media.
    Our interpreters have rich experience in offering outstanding consecutive and simultaneous interpretation services for major international and domestic conferences.
     Localized service not only provides high quality translation facilities, but also provides the best solution for local promotion, ensuring complete success for your products. A series of software are used in translation and typesetting, for instance Trados, CAT, Illustrator, Mac QuarkXpress, Prontpage,Photoshop,FrameMaker®/6.0/7.0, PageMaker®6.5C, MS-Office®/97/2000, PhotoShop®5.0,Illustrator® 9.0/10.0, FrontPage® 2000, Freehand® 9.0 and Adobe®Acrobat®5.0/4.0. Our professional teams are equipped with the tools and methods to process such types of documents as Java, C#, VB, Javascript, HTML, XML, RTF, Flash and some tailored formats.